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            Memphis Music Video Production

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            Herrick - Do You Love Me

            Lauryn Taylor Bach - The Rest of Me

            "I made my first music video with Robb! It's an experience I will never forget. He had the perfect balance of directing me yet still giving me control. I felt like a star! Robb is the best... He has the best ideas, best personality, best shots, and I had the best time working with him!!!"

            Marco A - Follow Your Heart

            Zach Myers of Shinedown - Washed by the Water

            Jeff Orr - The Country Ain't Country Anymore

            Jeremy Miller

            "Robb was such a great person to work with. He made me feel very at ease on the set. He took my vision and my story and brought it to life. The video looks perfect and couldn't have asked for a better person professionally and personally to have gotten the chance to work with. I highly recommend working with him I know I will be every chance I get!!!"

            Jeremy Parsons - Doggonedest Feelin'

            Billy Reasons - Crank the Hank

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